Frenquently asked questions

Is it really worth the expense to control liquor?

Yes. Controlling portions makes for better and more consistant drinks. Better drinks = happier customers. Best way to increase profits and limit costs. National average loss per bottle is + or – 6 oz due to give away and over pouring. Do the math.

Won't a dispensing system slow down service?

The natural pouring motion used to dispense liquor with our system is just as fast and much more precise (no shot glass approximation).

What about Draft beer?

Draft beer is a great source of profit given its low cost.

But how much is really paid for?

The potential for loss is great because bar owners don’t know how much is served let alone paid for.

Our digital flowmeters precision is outstanding. Every ounce of draft beer is monitored as it flows through the lines.

These are usually installed in the cold room, out of sight.

This allows us to discreetly monitor in ounces poured or portions served on each beer line.

How dependable are they really?

Technology behind our systems has been widely in use since the seventies and has dispensed pours in the millions of liters.

How will my staff react ?

Being made accountable will only bother those who might be taking advantage of free pour. (key word being free).

How much am I really losing?

According to the National Restaurant Association (United States), bar owner lose on average 23% of revenues on alcoholic beverage sales.

This seems time consuming, how hard is it to account for?

The units can be tied to a printer, a cash register or to POS systems. The reporting process is not only quick, it is simple. Reporting can be pre-programmed to print reports without you being there, in dollar amounts or shots poured.

How hard are they to install and program?

These units can be pre-programmed prior to installation so on site, set-up is limited to capping the bottles and the unit is ”plug and play”.

What about training?

Training is simple. Because it’s all things staffs are already doing. Nothing new and nothing fancy.

What does Limited warranty mean?

Limited warranty- Restrictions

The warranty does not apply if

  • the equipment has been modified (except by Control Plus G.L. or its authorized representative)
  • the equipment has not been installed, used, repaired or maintained in accordance with the instructions provided by Control Plus G.L.  or its authorized representative
  • the equipment has been subjected to abnormal physical or electrical stresses, abnormal environmental conditions, improper use or misuse