About us

Control Plus GL is a manufacturer of liquor control systems and related products with more than 25 years in the hospitality business.

Established in the Montreal area, we design and develop our liquor control systems based of two simple concepts, simplicity and flexibility,  to always meet the ever changing needs of the hospitality industry.

In addition to our liquor control systems, we also produce a complete line of accessories such as pouring spouts, activators, flowmeters, security and heat shrink seals, etc. at very competitive prices.

Thanks to our network of reseller partner; we are constantly receiving feedback , that allows us to adapt our products to better serve all types of situations.

Weither it is the neighborhood bar, a major league ballpark or a casino in South America, we are up to the challenge.

Our products are available throughout our dealer and distribution network. We have locations in all America’s (North, Central, South) and also across Europe.