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Liquor Control solutions

    Control Plus Shark ID

    Brand specific  Liquor Control

    Using RFID technology we can monitor up to 256 different brands with 4 individually programmable portions

    Specifically designed to interface to POS or ECR solutions, but can also be used as a stand alone printer alternative

    Combining our cutting edge technology and cost cutting expertise we have your solution.

    • High Quality & Affordable Cost Solution
    • Control : Pouring Portions, Portion Sizes
    • Direct to printer, ECR or POS
    • Program : Happy Hours, Custom Periods (8 availables per day)
    • Export : Reports to printer, ECR or POS or PC
    • Free : Programming Software
    • Reporting Software available
    • Spouts : RFID Programmable Regular or High Flow Spouts
    • Installation : Setup evaluated by experts to fit your needs
    • Where to buy? 1 855 233-4949