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    Control Plus Octopus IP

    Our Top of the line application

    This truly puts the operator in the driver’s seat.

    Octopus is a custom designable application that is flexible and programmable to suit your specific needs, in your liquor and draft beer management.

    This solution includes IRC & 4 Ports Options.

    RFID technology as a base expandable to include (on top of the base 6 beer lines) up to 70 lines of draft beer.

    This solution is a benchmark; it allows finally the junction between cost effective bar control and technology in one package.


    • High Quality & Top of the line Solution
    • Manage : Beer, Drinks, Beverage, Liquors
    • Control : Beer lines, Pouring Portions, Portion Sizes
    • Direct to printer, ECR or POS
    • Program : Happy Hours, Custom Periods (8 availables per day)
    • Export : Reports to printer, ECR or POS or PC
    • Free : Programming Software
    • Reporting Software available
    • Spouts : RFID Programmable Regular or High Flow Spouts
    • Installation : Setup evaluated by experts to fit your needs
    • Where to buy? 1 855 233-4949